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Raven MPV-710

Discontinued Model


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Raven MPV7100
Posted 03/21/2016
by Nathan Nicholson
Model year: 2014 Date Purchased: 2014-10-12 Number of Hours: 42

"I really enjoy this mower. I have used the generator and use it quite a bit without the deck. I live on a farm and hunt deer and have used it to pull deer out of the woods in stealth (battery) mode three times in two seasons. I have had a couple of issues with the mower. First, the deck would just shut off while mowing, I called Raven and they sent a new switch which did not help, then they sent an entire new deck which worked for a good while but then it appeared the problem returned. I bypassed the hi/lo speed cutoff switch and haven't had any more problems with that. Just yesterday though I took the raven back out and it seems that the 48-volt battery may be going bad, the mower goes forward a few feet and then stops, goes, stops. They are sending me a new battery. I will say that they have been excellent with customer service. They are very nice, and quick about sending replacement parts. and calling back. I hope the bugs get worked out because I love the concept of the machine and it is great for my application. It cost me around $4,000 at Lowes and replaced around $7,000 worth of equipment."

Pros: Does everything and mows well too, good customer service Cons: Small glitches but so far have been able to work them out Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: USA KY I also considered buying:

Love My Raven MPV
Posted 11/14/2015
by Carl
Model year: 2015 Date Purchased: 2015-06-01 Number of Hours: 16

"I bought mine from Lowes. It was their demo. After a discounted demo price, plus 10% off and 5% for using my Lowes card, I paid just over $3,000 for it. I have owned it now for just about 5 months and absolutely love it! Someone had their thinking cap on when they created this machine for sure. It does everything as advertised. I even tested the generator out on my 31-foot travel trailer. It powered my travel trailer, with the A/C running, no problem. Once after mowing the lawn, I drove it over to where I had a bunch of scrap lumber laying in the yard, and used it to power my chop saw with no issues. The main thing that tipped me into pulling the trigger on this machine was the 3-year warranty. I figure if the company feels they can stand behind it for 3 years, they must feel like it will hold up. I've seen some complaints about a bumpy back aching ride. Well, it doesn't ride like a Cadillac, but it rides smoother than a standard riding mower. It has shocks on the front. But if you run over a hole with the pedal to the floor, yes, your back will feel it. What took some getting used to is that the electrically powered system can be somewhat jerky, although, if you have a large area where you don't need to adjust your speed, you can just enable the cruise control. My uses: Mowing. Due to the mower being powered by the electric motors, the engine doesn't bog down. The blades turn faster than a standard riding mower. Towing things around in the back yard (to move it out of the way), including my jet skis, utility trailer, and log splitter. I put a standard 1 7/8 ball on the hitch plate. Taking camping and running around the camp ground in electric mode. Power generation for whatever I want. The 5-gallon gas tank will last a long time between fill ups. And it has a fuel gauge! It is faster than most riding mowers, except for maybe the Dixie chopper."

Pros: Multi Purpose Cons: Getting adjusted to the electrically controlled foot pedal/throttle Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: USA VA I also considered buying:

Second One, Now for a Real Test
Posted 07/05/2014
by crawford111
Model year: 2014 Date Purchased: 2014-06-06 Number of Hours: 22

"This is my second one. So far so good. Steering improvement is about 50% improvement, could be a little bit better. Blades are staying on now, electric problems seem solved. Cuts super fast, now the gas pedal still touchy at first start this should have been fixed better with all the time they had. They took away tilt steering had a know now every time you need to adjust you need a 13mm socket and ratchet you need it for different size people in family 1 size doesn't fit all after all it was there now it's not and a extra grand and do a take away. This was not a improvement for the money."

Pros: No belts to fool with, starts and run great cut great and a lot more quite. Cons: Took away tilt wheel, cost way too much now, steering still needs to be better. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: USA TN I also considered buying:

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